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The Sanctity Of Human Life – Abortion

Posted by mastajake on December 2, 2008


An often risen political issue with people these days tends to be about abortion. I am going to examen and conclude some thoughts about this issue for it is quite interesting and has a range of views about it, making it ever so fun to ponder. I shall talk about my views on the sanctity of life and arguments proposed such as the Beethoven fallacy. Note there are two main views titled as so, ‘Pro Life’ and ‘Pro Choice’.

'Pro Choice' protestors

'Pro Choice' protestors

'Pro Life' protestors

'Pro Life' protestors

The Sanctity Of Human Life:

Human embryos are examples of human life. So according to most religious absolutist abortion is simply full fledge murder(a typical ‘Pro Life’ view). I ponder the thought that is quite interesting, Why those that most ardently oppose to the taking of a fetal life also are more enthusiastic about taking an adult life or are nonchalant about war. I say this because I am often times seeing these views coincide, which tend to be ironic, for one supports life to a maximum, and the other surrenders it almost meaningless and would put it at risk without question. Another thing that is ironic, these pro life people prohibit the study and use of embryos that would advance specific scientific fields. If we were able to further medical research with embryos we would definitely be able to save many lives. You would figure that a pro life activist would concur with this considering it could save so many life’s, but the pity is that they don’t agree. Inconsistency I say. Here is an example of some of the inconsistency I am talking about – Bush is a staunch defender of human life, as far as embryonic life even, but here is were the inconsistency falls through the roof, Bush presided over more executions in Texas than any other governor in the states history. Ironic right! But you see it isn’t only bush , are tons of other pro life activists that are just as inconsistent as Bush. What these views seemed to be forming is a Christian nation, one that I hope you wouldn’t conform to. Don’t accept this ignorance- is what I say. There intolerance is irrational, so don’t let it take part in you.

Does The Embryo Suffer?

A good question asked. I will say as ‘Richard Dawkins’ the author of ‘The GOD Delusion’ does- “Presumably not if it is aborted before it has developed its nervous system; and even if it is old enough for a nervous system it surely suffers less than, say, an adult cow in a slaughterhouse”. As well, say the embryo does not have its nervous system developed shouldn’t the fully developed nervous system of the mother have the choice? Absolutism fails once again in this case, for there is the ‘unconsidered’ such as in this parable.

Beethoven’s Fallacy:

Many now propose the argument of potential life in which we would be preventing. Whether the embryos can suffer or not is not the point to some. It is the potential that is the point to some. Beethoven’s fallacy is a hypothetical parable in which some use to determine there reasoning for their ‘potential’ stance on embryos. The parable is this:

‘About the terminating of pregnancy, I want your opinion. The father was syphilitic, the mother tuberculous. Of the four children born, the first was blind, the second died, the third was def and dumb, the fourth was also tuberculous, what would you have done?’

‘I would have terminated the pregnancy.’

‘Then you would have murdered Beethoven.’

This riddle is most certainly false. To clear things up Beethoven was the second son and the eldest. And he was not certainly born def, blind, or mentally challenged of course. There is no evidence that either of his parents had syphilis, although true that the mother died of tuberculosis (considering there was a lot of it at the time). This parable presented by many of the pro life sites is mere fabrication, deliberately disseminated by the people with vested interest in spreading it. Even if you still want to consider it hypothetically, times have changed and challenged infancy if very much far less than it was back in the day of Beethoven, thus rendering it irrelevant.


As you can see I am not a supporter of Pro Life at all thus irreducibly rendering me as pro choice. My main reason behind my standpoint is quite obvious, pro life is inconsistent and has to many double standards, in my opinion of course.


Primary source of thought: Richard Dawkins’ – “The GOD Delusion”

I think we have heard enough of what I think, so lets hear what you think.

Comments appreciated!

Thank you for those that read.

~ Mastajake


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Frankenstein or His Monster?

Posted by mastajake on November 27, 2008


Rating: – A

Keep in mind this isn’t a review, but it refers to the main plot of the story. So, you will get a brief summarization of the book by reading my essay response. If you plan on reading this book I suggest you don’t read this post through. Otherwise enjoy!

Q & A Essay: Who do you feel more sympathy for Frankenstein or his Monster? Why?

In the brilliant piece of literature “Frankenstein”, Mary Shelly the the young witted author has portrayed two main characters in which both endeavor countless tragedies. The question is proposed, who do you feel more sorry for, Frankenstein or his own creation/ the monster? I shall evaluate this question providing the portrayed significance of each of these characters and thus concluding to whom my sympathy falls upon more.

First I will start of with the portrayed story of the monster and why, if I felt sympathy, I would. The monster first off, is the mere creation of Frankensteins obsession. But immediately after the monster is created by Frankenstein, Frankenstein abandoned the monster. The monster is left distraught, confused and alone. The monster is living on its own and often thinks in repent of what had happened to him. He is forced to live by himself. He soon realizes that he is not alike everyone else and that he is considered a monster. Society unfairly judges him for these reasons, thus adding on to his prior remorse of desertion from his very own creator. Since he is not accepted in society or by anyone really for that matter he turns malignant to that who has started his misfortune, his creator, Frankenstein. He then finally in exclusion confronts Frankenstein and explains his remorse, in the hopes that all Frankenstein will do to acquit this is fulfill his single request of companionship. Leaving Frankenstein to create a female counter part for companionship to console his monster. Frankenstein accepts this request. So as Frankenstein slowly amounts to finishing this request the monster surveys upon him to make sure he is doing what he has agreed to, because if not, the monster has threatened his companions otherwise. Frankenstein is about to finish the request but notices that the monster is watching, he then makes a hast decision in destroying the soon to be new creation for the monster, and crushes all the hopes of the monster leaving him furious. Ergo the monster lashes out upon the companions of Frankenstein. Frankenstein is eventually dead from grief and despair of all that has happened thus the monster in remorse upon knowing the death of Frankenstein has occurred, decides to end his life in flames. For the monster in the end has nobody left for companionship.

Now the portrayed story of Frankenstein and why, if I felt sympathy, I would. Frankenstein prior to his creation lived an eventful life with the blissful virtue of the thirst of knowledge which he had constantly pursued. He had valued the family and knowledge that was bestowed upon him, a good life, we would probably consider this ourselves to be true. But Frankensteins thirst for knowledge soon turned into obsession, which as we know by now, resulted in the creation of his monster. In fear and confusion Frankenstein runs from his very own creation abandoning it then and there. Frankenstein is full of fear of the fact that his creation/the monster is going to haunt him, which we soon see the monster indeed does. To get away from all the commotion Frankenstein leaves to be with his family whom are missing him allot. Frankenstein on immediate arrival is met by his somber family for something tragic has happened. Frankenstein’s younger brother has been murdered in which to him (Frankenstein) was irreducibly the work of his creation. But the blame of the murder was pressed on one of his companions in life who was then condemned to death in the false accusal. Frankenstein in his deep remorse of the lost ones, flees to nature by himself to attempt to substantiate what has happened but in this journey into nature he has run into his creation. The creation thus threatens his life damning him back to his work or else the monster will harm more of his close companions in life. Frankenstein is damned back to his work under forceful terms. Frankenstein towards his completion of the monsters request, determines that he doesn’t want to create “a fiend whose unparalleled barbarity had desolated my heart”. And in this instance he rips up his current creation for the monster. The monster furious fallows through with the torment he had claimed he would do. Soon all of Frankensteins closest companions and family members are dead via the monsters wrath. Frankenstein with no one left is determined to avenge those at loss and chase and kill his creation who has caused all of his despair. In his pursuit he is soon slowed down and miserably dies with his unfulfilled

Now in conclusion, who had I felt more sympathy for? The answer is victor Frankenstein. He easily has lost a mass of valued to him. In which the monster could never amount to for the value was never there for the monster. When I say “value” I am referring to the life spent and the companions lost along the way thus resulting in a maximum remorse which I strongly feel Frankensteins unfulfilled life was cut short and put to a miserable end. None for him where left and his own creation demeaned his personal value of life. So when it
boils down to it my sympathy is extended more towards Frankenstein than his creation.

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The Finer Things

Posted by mastajake on November 26, 2008

jeff I respect this man on many levels. Many people wish they had the intellect and devotion that my friend Jeff has obtained. This I know from many personal relations mutual with him. I admire his keen skill and relentless obsess of things, he is always impressing me. What I want to particularly note in this post is Jeff’s dexterity when it comes to the art of photography. I have seen his work through out the years of our companionship. It has gradually grown into one of the many great aptitudes of Jeff. It isn’t only me, I shall say many people have taken an interest in his art, people ranging from his teachers to strangers and even mentors. His art is well respected by aficionados of photography as well, deeming him deserved of his boast. I am sure he would be allot more modest about his achievement. I just couldn’t help but to note his resilience in the field .

See more of his fine works at:

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Number One

Posted by mastajake on November 25, 2008


This is my very first post.

Aren’t you excited, I can now freely express many things which is the sole purpose I started this site.

I hope those that eventually tend to this website will enjoy my insight on the many things I ponder.

I plan on doing many things with this site, such as reviewing anything and everything ‘From music to religion’, I shall express my thoughts on many topics, and hopefully find some friends with common interests along the way. My reviews may be on topics, books, movies or anything I find I can write about.

Beyond simply reviews I shall write about many things in a thought like manner such as my day or an event in anticipation, it can be many things. I am bound to write, I constantly get the urge to write down my thoughts .

Those are my primary intentions with the site as of now, but beyond the site lets learn a little about me ~ eh!

My name is Jacob Nering.

I am a senior in high school and have aspirations to continue on to college and be successful.

I would like to consider my self an intellectual but I will leave that for you to judge.

I’m atheist, and I am willing to discuss this matter if you beg to differ in any sense or even if you have questions that you would want to ask an atheist, ask me! (Don’t let this turn you away from me or my site). I am very respective of other ideology’s and religions although we may not agree. In other words I am civil with my ‘atheism’, and as I respect you and yours, you will respect me and mine, hence civil.

And alas I reside in Orange County, California, where my life is currently among others around me.

This is me!

This is me!

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